App Store Rankings

by admin

For months I have been looking for a good website that helps keep track of app store rankings. There are a lot of them but the problem is that I needed one that will look at specific key words and find my ranking, not just a category. I finally found one which does even more than what I needed. It will track competitors and analyze the keywords in the app to determine if they are optimized.  I really like it. I wish it was free, or at least cheap, but we can’t get everything we want I guess. The website is

App Ranking Screen Shot

I wanted this so that I had a way of seeing my rank without checking it myself all the time. I’m hoping that it can do more by possibly even helping me to increase my ranking. One way it might do this is with its ability to pull out what my competitors key words are. When I compare those to the rankings I might be able to make the key words I use a little more effective. It can even give suggestions for key words based on the ones you already have to try and help make them more effective.