If your question is not on this list please don't hesitate to reach out. You can text us at 702-707-0063.
Q: What results can we expect?
As I'm sure you have heard from other marketing companies, we can't guarantee any specific results. If a company is making promises, its a sales tactic. We are not fans of that type of sales.

We can't promise specific results but I can promise we will put the type of attention into your business that you would only expect from an internal team. We can also promise the type of communication you would only get from an internal team.
Q: Is there a contract?
NO, we are a month to month service. We prefer our clients to be happy with our service and that is what makes them stay. We do recommend you give us a least three months to be able to see what we are capable of.
Q: Do you offer pay for performance?
No, in our experience pay for performance leads to bad relationships. Performance can be very relative. For example, if you are paying per lead, a company might send you 100 leads but only 5 are good leads. This method leads to disagreements and bad relationships. We prefer that we have something that is more obvious and consistent that we can both count on.
Q: How are you different from other marketing agencies?
This answer could be really long but I'll give you the short version.
1. We work exclusively with pest control companies. That means everything we learn from all of our other clients also applies to your business.
2. The owners of 36pixels actually sold pest control door to door. That means we understand the sales, operations, and the marketing! When we manage your marketing we are also consultants for your business as a whole. That's a value you wouldn't normally get.
3. We put communication as a high priority. We want you to feel like we are an internal team. This isn't the normal situation where you send an email and hear back within 3 business days. Our clients get responses within minutes 95% of the time.
Let’s build something great together.
Let's meet up and discuss your pest control business and how we can help you scale it. Our experience working exclusively with pest control companies sets us apart from competitors because we know exactly what works for your industry.
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